Shagun E Commerce


Shagun’s vision is to create India’s most reliable and frictionless commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for buyers and sellers. The last decade witnessed booming e-commerce development. Today it provides the opportunities for not only e-trade both from businesses to buyers but also online auctions and user-to-user sales platforms.

E-commerce systems and activities today include presenting and booking wide range of services, e-banking, commercial operations with e-money and e-wallets, diverse forms of e-marketing and many other things which customers are using more and more often on everyday basis.

Shagun E Commerce


Talking about e-commerce for shagun, it’s vital to understand that selling the goods once via the website or mobile application is the minimal program of actions. What stakeholders of the business really aim at is having this user buying via their website or app again and again.

User retention is the direct condition of growing profits. And we have to admit that this aspect makes e-commerce sphere highly attractive for designers. The objective which should be achieved is clear and simple: people have to reach the e-commerce platform and buy items offered on it.

Shagun E Commerce


Our designs are basically the amalgamation of all the emotions; they represent the unique excitement and satisfaction of shopping. We didn’t have any defined set of colors here, because our motive was to provide a very minimal and fun feeling that strikes new chords every single time. Icons have been inspired by golden flower of the mall to ensure brand reinforcement and project concept.

We always focus on every figure in conversion report is about real people. Look for the interface that will respect their time, effort and needs and it will bring positive experience of shopping for both sides.

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